A Warning

See this scary thing?


It is called a Shadow.

All the universe fear the Shadows.

Rangers kicked the Shadows’ butts into oblivion.

You want to mess with us???

Be afraid.


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6 Responses to A Warning

  1. Altygrae says:

    And the vorpal lightsaber blade went snicker-snak. That is all.

  2. BlueMoonArtistry says:

    I’m sorry. Was that the sound of your vorpal lightsaber fizzling out?

  3. RedHen says:

    Compared to a boatload of Reavers, that thing is nothing more than a unicorn fart.

  4. Arachnera says:

    There are worse things in the Dungeon Dimensions. Carry on.

    • KoKo Cat says:

      D’you know – that is what I was going to put as well – lol

      I will simply suggest that if that thing gets between any of Team UU and the desert trolley, we all know that it does not end well, said shadow being no match for a Wizard who is in need of a small something to round of the meal……….. well, until the cheese board comes in!

  5. Craftyclairy says:

    It’s kinda cute, but then I’ve recently watched a leviathan eat itself

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