Team Enterprise Log, Stardate -311834.6

Over at Team Enterprise, we’ve been having an epic week! The end of the February challenge was met with a rush of submissions, including MimiCatKnits’ Trek Potholders, intended to lure Spock to her side for Valentines (it won’t work! He’s mine! :P), Monzogary’s crocheted headband for Lt. Ilia, and the brilliant pair of socks Tygress whipped up for Neelix. Dashiemouse contributed to the Spock-love with her handwarmers (seems I’m destined for competition, huh?) and NisaKnits gifted a lovely pair of socks to the also-adored-by-moi Data.

Valentines wasn’t the only challenge to get some love, though. In the Nebulas category,  AmandaJewels’ Ridgeway socks and Spot, with the help of human knitter Ciellel, turned in a pair of Smittens to the cold hands challenge.

Dashimouse has been in the science lab doing bonding experiments for the past several weeks, and came up with this great wool/cotton blend headband, and in the Prime category, Wondrousitem has been evangelizing the directive with her awesome glittens, but what really takes the cake for me is her spiral nebula shawl–seriously, you have to check this thing out if you haven’t already.

Ciellel did another un-official tally to reflect the last few days of competition:

By my (absolutely un-official) calculations, we just about doubled the number of submitted projects between last week and this one. 6 additional crewmembers submitted their first projects, for an amazing 40.5 projects by 17 people (which could have been 44ish projects by 20 crewmembers if there wasn’t an outbreak of Barclay’s Protomorphosis Syndrome on one ship, a dilithium shortage on another and if Romulans hadn’t stolen a knitting bag. Hopefully, the bag’s return can be peacefully negotiated and war averted).

In the end, the power of love beat out the prime directive for the category with the most projects.

Valentine: 11
Prime: 10.5
Nebula: 7
Nerd-Con: 6
Cold Hands: 3
Bonding: 3

We already have at least one March challenge turned in so far. Brace yourselves, for NisaKnits managed to sneak a Tribble on board the ship. Are we in store for another infestation of cute? Only time will tell. In the mean time, live long and knit on!

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