Issue #1 – In the Beginning…

For those who don’t have us on their pull list already, here’s the low-down: Team 4-Panel rocks! We are the fandom of all things comic, be it DC, Marvel, webcomics, or foreign comics like manga or manhwa. If it’s hand-drawn, whether it’s in black-and-white or color, you can probably find some geekery about it in our home base!

We plan to wow the Tournament with the awesome crafting superpowers this planet’s funky yellow sun gives us, so look forward to some killer comic-related projects from our Fantastic 12!

Speaking of 12…if the tournament is 3 months long and there are about 4 weeks in each month (and my basic math skills aren’t failing me), then that makes 12 weeks, which is just enough for us to feature one member every week! This week, the honor goes to our Samuel L. Jackson lookalike captain, MuffinSquire!

I got to (proverbially) sit down with the cigar-chomping leader of S.H.I.E.L.D. super-delicious baked treat that is our lovely captain and have a nice chit-chat. Here is what came of our tea time in the Fortress of Solitude:

O – Hi, how are ya?
M – I’m doing good! I’m finally on summer break, so I have lots of time to hype myself up for what I have no doubt will be an awesome tournament this summer!

O – So, you’re the Captain of Team 4-Panel! I hear we’re tied for the smallest team with Meeples. Are you concerned at all about our ability to compete with the “big dogs”?
M – I am not concerned in the slightest! We may be small, but we are a wonderful, devoted group! Chatting with my team members in the team thread makes me more and more certain that we will rock face this tournament! Besides, everyone love a good underdog story. :)

O – Wow, you’ve got a lot of spirit! Speaking of which, can I ask what would be the ultimate Team Spirit project for you?
M – Hmm, that one’s tough. I think my Ultimate Team Spirit project would have something to do with My favorite comic hero, Dick Greyson/Robin/Nightwing. I think that I’m going to have to go with a pullover sweater in blue with the black zigzag thingy, a la Nightwing’s uniform! I have never knit a sweater before, but that sounds like something I would do!

O – What would be the scariest or most challenging Technical Challenge thing the Technical CD could throw at you?
M – You know those lace projects that you are sure must be a violation of physics because the yarn is so thin and the patterns are so detailed is looks like it couldn’t possibly be real? That. That is probably the most challenging think the Technical CD could throw at me. :O

O – Do you have any charities or nonprofit organizations you plan to support with the Giving Geeks challenges?
M – I think I do this time! Last tournament I was a little bit lost about what to do with the Giving Geeks challenges, but I think I’ve got it: there is a public access TV station that I used to work for/with in high school. There were nothing short of fantastic and really took care of me when I didn’t have any where else to go. I would love to make them some blankets for late nights in the media lab, or a camera cozy for cold days out shooting in the Minnesota Winter. <3

O – If comics didn’t exist (perish the thought!), would you still be a Nerd?
M – Most definitely! I would never have it any other way!

O – Haha, yeah, I knew that was a silly question! But IF they didn’t exist, what teams would have been your first and second choices?
M – If comics didn’t exist and therefore out team did not exist, I would probably have joined Mooseinakilt on Team 1-Up. She’s so sweet, and I do really love videogames.

O – Do you have any awesome closing words for our cherished readers?
M – Hmm. I’ve always been terrible at this sort of thing, so I will close with a joke:

What did Batman say to Robin he wanted him to get in the Batmobile?

“Robin. Get in the Batmobile.”

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  1. mooseinakilt says:

    Aw, warm fuzzies to you MuffinSquire! I love Nightwing too — I take it you must love the movie “Under the Red Hood?” :)

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