Field Report 2: Battles in the Trenches!

I apologize for the lack of posts!  This won’t happen again!

Our team is smashing the competition with brilliant interpretations of the challenges!

I will go into this more, but I just wanted to highlight a few things for now:

1.  Our illustrious Captian has made commendations!  Please earburn her when you post your submissions (a crime I have committed by NOT doing so on either of my submissions) so that she can recognize your efforts for the cause!

2.  Cielle did a brilliant thing!!  She made a baby hat for the Electricity Challege AND is going to make it a part of her Giving Geeks challege.  What a sweet idea!

Our Team Captain had this to say:  Yes, if you make something for one challenge (like Team Spirit) that is appropriate to donate for Giving Geeks, then it can count for both challenges. (I would add that this is the only situation when one project can count for two challenges.)

3.  Team Unity!  We are borgifing our pants off!  (Looks down to make sure she is wearing pants).  From what I have gathered we are borgifiying items from the other teams.  Some of us are borgifying other team’s team unity projects aka, Team Bazinga is doing “soft kitties” so some of us (me me me!) are borgifying kitties!

I’ll be taking a look at the submissions and giving a recap later on today!


<3 knitfiddlestix

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One Response to Field Report 2: Battles in the Trenches!

  1. Amandajewls says:

    Ooh Borgifying away. Yoda will NEVER know what hit him – and resistance IS futile! HAHAHAHAHAHA Oh wait, 01010111010101001

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