The Falling of the Silence

The Wedding of River Song has been broadcast, so let’s all rate the episode. What did you think? Rate it by clicking your chosen button at the end of the post or post your comment below…

5/5. Fantastic! Wow! It blew me away! A stunning climax to the season! Best episode ever! I must watch that again! (love)

4/5. Geronimo! Impressive! I really really enjoyed it! Among my favourite Doctor Who episodes of all time! (agree)

3/5. Wibbly wobbly timey-wimey! A jolly good episode all round. Not quite perfect, some iffy bits, but overall it turned out spot on. (interesting)

2/5. I’m underwhelmed! It had it’s moments, but it also had its flaws. It didn’t live up to expectations.  OK, I guess. (funny)

1/5. What? What? What? Very disappointing. A total cop out. Dull, dull, dull. That made no sense! (educational)

0/5. You metal moron! I feel ill. That was the worst episode I have ever seen. Truly dreadful. Moffat should resign now. (disagree)


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One Response to The Falling of the Silence

  1. Maggie says:

    Wow… just wow! I can’t believe it. I knew something was up with the astronaut killing the doctor, with a hint of River in there, but I had NO IDEA that was going to happen! Way to tie in most of the season to the final episode!

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