Zombie Hunters – Girl Power Edition

Well, hopefully you all are catching up on your Zombie mania, since it seems every other channel has a zombie movie on for the upcoming holiday – so soak it in while you can!!

I admit, I watched the new episode of The Walking Dead and my heart was racing so fast that I had to walk away for a moment – the second I see those herky jerky movements my heart gets going!  BLLLAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!

OK, back to the competition – This week we’ve had some strong GIRL POWER going on:

We have a doll, and personally, dolls alone FREAK ME OUT, I’m always waiting for their little heads to turn and look over at me (yes, I have issues, what about it?), but this one ROCKS!

Submitted by Kristyh1981, she knit up a ZOMBIE HUNTER costume for her Suze doll, how awesome.  Now you have little killer dolls to help you in the apolcalypse!  She’s got the right idea, get those scary little things on OUR side, what was I thinking??


And to continue along the little girl theme in the zombie apocalypse, I would like ou to read this incredible haiku by our very own sweetgrrl1222, this one brought tears to my eyes:

Run, little girls, run!
Bait and kill the zombie hoards.
You’ve got red on you!

Scream, zombies, scream loud!
Girls in Red remove your heads.
You’ve got red on you!

Laugh, little girls, laugh!
Piles of zombies at your feet.
You’ve got red on you!

Kill, little girls, kill!
Decimate the zombie hordes.
You’ve got red on you!

Sleep, little girls, sleep.
Zombie threat is dead tonight.
You’ve got red on you!

We’ll survive zombies,
Laughing little girls in red.
You’ve got red on you!

“You weren’t very nice Mrs. Henderson, but I’m sorry you’re dead.”
    – Timmy, Fido (2006)

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2 Responses to Zombie Hunters – Girl Power Edition

  1. PinkCupcake says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one that gets creeped out by dolls!

  2. Kristyh1981 says:

    Come on! She’s cute not creepy! Okay maybe in the zombie hunter outfit shes a bit creepy :D

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