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A few of our team members already submitted their projects ! But for now here are the 3 other challenges :

Giving Geeks Challenge : Women of our time. March is Women’s History Month and the International Women’s day is the 8th of March. Here are a few links where you can found the contributions women did for our society : Inventions by women, General links about Women’s History Month including biographies and lists, The Library of Congress website about it. (Image taken from here)

Geek Pride Challenge : Bare Bones. The one where you learn all about “Tropes”. Tricky thing to get, so ask your CD to see if what you have in mind works. Wikipedia and this page will help you too (good video, but warning may not be everyone’s cup of tea)

Nerd Culture Challenge : Six degrees of Kevin Bacon. Love that challenge, genius idea. Craft for a characters that has a connection to Kevin Bacon. A few example from the website : Edward James Olmos has a Bacon number of 2, Ben Browder has also a Bacon number of 2, Leonard Nimoy has as well a Bacon number of 2. (Image taken from here)

 Good Crafting !

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