Show and Tell: T6 R2 week 3

Our mouseketeers turned in 12 challenge submissions this past week.  Way to go team!  There are 11 days left in this round.  If you need any help, all you need to do is ask.

Because show and tells can sometimes be long, I am going to keep each one short. If you would like to find out more about them, links will be provided for each one. If you click on the name of the challenge that the item is for, it will take you to the person’s submission post in the Nerd Wars group. If you click on what the item is, it will take you to the person’s project page for it. Lets get started.


012.JPGFor the Geek Pride Challenge she made these 3 hexipuffs.  She says, “In the movie Cinderella she falls in love with the prince. Cinderella longs to be in the castle with Prince Charming. In Cinderella I believe the castle to be the Macguffin. These blue hexipuffs are to represent the blues in the castle and her dress.”  I love how she arranged them for this photo.

Buzz Lightyear Sox

For the Nerd Culture Challenge she made these Buzz Lightyear Sox.  She says, “This project has NINJA written all over it! I loved Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles when I was little! Donatello was so cool because he wore purple which was my favorite color as a child. These socks are a perfect match for Donatello!”  They are perfect!

DNA Armwarmers

For the Scientific Challenge she made these DNA arm warmers.  She says, “The double helix also looks like a roller coaster. At Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida there is an awesome roller coaster featuring the music of Aerosmith!”  They are beautiful.


image title

For the Geek Pride Challenge I made this very hungry caterpillar.   This caterpillar represents Squeaks, a caterpillar from the Disney movie The Fox and the Hound. He is irrelevant to the outcome of the story, but he is a MacGuffin for Dinky and Boomer (a sparrow and a woodpecker) in the movie. Throughout the movie they try and try and try, but always fail, to catch him. In the end he turns into a butterfly and flies away.

image title

For the Intellectual Challenge I made this Chevron Log Cabin dishcloth.  Inside of Minnie Mouse’s house at Walt Disney World, you can see her sewing machine… Which she happens to be making a quilt with. I wonder if this quilt will be a gift for Mickey. I bet Chip and Dale would love to receive a log cabin quilt from Minnie.

image title

For the Technical Challenge I made this 3 little birds dishcloth.   In the animated movie Cinderella, blue birds helped get Cinderella dressed in the morning. The 3 blue birds in this dishcloth remind me of those very helpful and friendly blue birds. This dishcloth could also be a happy reminder of them for Cinderella while she uses it to wash the dishes or scrub the floor.



Passion Heart Afghan

For the Geek Pride Challenge and our Team Unity Challenge Team Unity Challenge (Giving Thanks), she made these 3 heart squares.  She says, “I made three squares that represent True Love, which is the MacGuffin in Disney’s Enchanted.”  She made these to be a part of an afghan for her mom.  They are very sweet.

Slipper Sock for S.K.

For the Scientific Challenge she made these Slipper Sock for S.K.  She says, “My Slippers represent Fraternal twins… The are very similar and were made at the same time, but they are not identical.”  How cute.


Celtic Runes

 For the Intellectual Challenge she made this Celtic Runes dishcloth.  She says, “My dishcloth features a triquetra, or Celtic Trinity Knot, which was part of an ancient pictorial form of writing. It has appeared in many ancient texts, including the Book of Kells (circa 800), and is used to represent important trios.”  It looks great.


For the Technical Challenge she made these hexipuffs.  She says, “I am not a crocheter (yet) only a knitter, so when I came to the end of the instructions for my first few hexipuffs and saw that I needed a crochet hook for a 3 needle crochet bind off, I had to come up with an alternate plan until I could get to the craft store. Luckily, I do a lot of cake  decorating, so I figured I’d be able to find something in my supplies to work in a pinch. After checking things out, I decided gum paste floral wire would do the trick. I cut a length off and used my kitchen pliers to curve one end over into a hook.”  How clever.


Quidditch Hat Dash!

For the Scientific Challenge she made this Quidditch Hat.  She says, “In Disney’s newest release, Tinkerbell and the Secret of the Wings, Tinkerbell learns that she has a sister. She and Periwinkle were born from the same laugh – one a Winter Fairy and the other a Warm Fairy… neither knowing the other existed until one fateful afternoon. When Tinkerbell goes to visit Periwinkle over in the Winter Woods, she creates a coat, leggins and boots for herself – but she forgot her hat so I made this one to help keep her warm while she visits with her sister.”  I can see her wearing this to a Slytherin quidditch game.


Princess Slippers

For the Technical Challenge she made these Princess Slippers.  She says, “I was making slippers for my niece for christmas in this beautiful color way that reminds me of Belle with its yellow tones with the pink thrown in there. And as I finished the first one I realized that I have lost my tapestry needle. (insert frantic hunt and cursing when child was not home) So I thought “Well! here is an opportunity to use my brain.” I saw a bobby pin laying in my magnetic pin cushion and I had a bright idea. So I bent the end of the bobby pin so it would lay flat (ouch) and I used it to seam the slippers together.”  Great job.


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  1. .... PprmntMochaMama says:

    ….. That’s actually my husband’s hat… mine is the exact opposite (rust with the scrap green used as trim) and it has a white flower.

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