Trivia Tuesday

Last week’s trivia image was:

It was from Snow White.

Congratulations to Disneyettesomnii1223, and PprmntMochaMama  for answering it correctly.  You 3 can claim this shiny new badge with the whole image in it.

This week’s trivia image is:

What movie is this image from?

I will announce if you guessed correctly next Tuesday.  You can take a guess by leaving a comment here.  If you want to know if you guessed correctly right away, you can always PM the answer to me.

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3 Responses to Trivia Tuesday

  1. Knitter-pixie says:

    I say Brave…. maybe…

  2. Erica/Disneyette says:

    My guess is Lilo and Stitch :)

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