Welcome to T7 Team Hellmouth.

Welcome to the Hellmouth

Here on the Hellmouth we are focusing on Buffy Season 7 as it is the seventh tournament. Season 7 in Buffy is the big one as it is the last series that was made for TV but also it has the biggest bad (aside from Spike) ever on Buffy, The First. Those of you that don’t know who that is might not be quaking in your stylish yet affordable boots but this is Team Hellmouth so you know that it’s the 1st evil. Older than man, older than the old ones yadda, yadda, yadda and did I mention they’re evil.

See The First is scary and evil did I mention Evil.

The thing is you might think that season seven would be all doom and gloom about the end of days but it isn’t its about going back to the beginning. About starting something new and reinventing the wheel, which is also the same as Nerd Wars T7 (see I did have a point to make).

A few new things to behold is Buffy’s fresh, happy outlook on life and her new role as not just a parent figure to Dawn but as a mentor in teaching her to defend herself. This carries on through the season to the potentials. Willow has a new beginning with Giles in England learning to control her magic and not destroy the world. Xander has to learn to be himself without Anya. Where as Anya has to deal with being a demon again something with which she is failing. The two biggest new beginnings have to be for Dawn and Spike. Dawn is starting high school at the brand new and hopefully not evil Sunnydale High, which must be hard considering that your sister exploded the last one (a little spoiler this one doesn’t make it out to well.)

There is no way that its evil again.

Though the biggest new beginning has to be for Spike and his brand new soul (or is at an old soul but its just new for him). After trying to prove that he had changed he went out and got the biggest change that he could. Even though Angel had his first he didn’t fight for it like Spike did and he is a favourite among us on the Hellmouth in particular in a certain blue shirt (right Affienia).

Of course I have to use this image isn’t it against the Hellmouth law if I don’t.

Spike finds himself a comfy new home being insane, in the basement of the brand new Sunnydale High, this is due to the new soul but also because he is living in a school with its very own hellmouth as well as a seal of Danzalthar. The seal is where the concentrated Evil of the hellmouth converges into a manhole cover of death. Basically it ain’t very good.

It’s evil again, Damn it!!!

On the other hand everything that is new in Nerd Wars is nice (that is until the last day when your crying over your knitting/crochet/spinning/weaving which isn’t done or is that just me). There are four new catagories as Giving Geeks is continuing from the last 6 tournys. The new catagories are:

  • Discovery – All of the fabulous scientific inovations and discoverys that nerd and non-nerd alike have discovered.
  • Nerdology - What it means to be a Nerd.
  • Encyclopedia – About real life culture, language and history.
  • Flexibile Shedule – For getting all of those wips and stash busters made.

Though the main thing that isn’t new but always important is that you just have to have fun and make as little or as much as you want. Can’t wait to see what everyone else is making and remember The First is EVIL.


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  1. Affienia says:

    ::dribble:: I do love that shirt.

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