Well Рthere it went!  Round One completed and there was a mad flurry of projects handed in last minute Рwell, last day at any rate!

I really enjoyed the new style of Nerd Wars – how about you?

We needed eight people to do the TUP in order to get points – well done the following Faculty members who turned in projects for this:

Efreet: elephant and slug Post #180 Flexible Schedule
Tnsinko: fish Post #228 Nerdology
BioBetty: tropical owl Post #385 Nerdology
3himmies: waffle scarf Post #420 Nerdology
Finarda: sandals Post #484 Encyclopedia
Toomundane: sweater Post #603 Nerdology
Caradjine: socks and mandrake Post #399 Flexible Schedule
Catseyegreen: Towel Post #669 Nerdology
: Tank top Post #695 Discovery
: Sushi Post #833 Nerdology
: shawl Post # 752 Discovery
SheilaOKeefe: turtle Post #649 Flexible Schedule
Magria: frog Post #778 Encyclopedia

How is round two going for you? There seems to be a slight lull at the moment for some of us, maybe we need a spot more cheese to get our mojos going?  Others are fired up and off out of the starting blocks like mad!

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3 Responses to Wow……….

  1. toomundane says:

    I haven’t got many ideas for this round yet. So far I’ve been working on my dissertation, and besides that I need to finish a vest which seems to be really difficult because of this round’s flexible schedule challenge! The architechture and t-shirt thingies should be pretty easy though.

  2. Finarda says:

    I have most of a shrug for my daughter done already! It’s a really fast knit only slowed done a little by the fact that I added some lace elements to it. And I’ve finally picked up a stole that I was supposed to do for a test knit before realizing that shrugs do not suit big boobs so I kept knitting and now it is a stole. Or will be once I’ve finished wrestling this splitty, cantankerous, smooshy, soft, annoying yarn into submission.

    And I’ve finished one of the two shawls I wanted to make for my dissertation!

    So unlike last round when it took me until the last week to finally get my act in gear, I’m on a roll! (Long may it continue!)

    And while I like most of the new NerdWars, I’m not sure about the WIPs one. Although I hadn’t noticed until recently that you can start a new one that month and that counts too so maybe I’ll be doing some washcloths in the near future.

  3. Caradjine says:

    I knit some things, then I’ll have to find where I put this damned shoehorn to help me to find a topic where to submit them, as usual.

    This month will be plenty of elves and bears I think.

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