Shady Update! T9R2 Final Count

Team Unity (14 of 12 submissions): kirsirae, atalante, enphra, lisajedi, zevenster, jiccho, crochetbunnii, loreoflore, mstarzan, ostaraknits, silviamm73, galdriel, pobby, absinthia have all completed Team Unity Projects!

Challenge Submissions (65)

GIVING GEEKS (children)

mstarzan donated goods to a local orphanage

ostaraknits donated goods to Schoenmaatje

silviamm73 donated funds to UNICEF

kirsirae donated hats to LOWO

jewelsjoy12 assembled a shoebox full of goods for Operation Christmas Child

zevenster donated goods to the Sinterklaas toy collection campaign

lisajedi dontated school supplies to a local school

crochetbunnii donated funds to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital

pobby donated funds to Villa Joep

DISCOVERY (carotenoids or/and anthocyanins)


FLEXIBLE SCHEDULE (false confessions)

Wowee Zowee!


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  1. LisaJedi says:

    Love it!!!

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