Shady Update! T9R3 Final Count!

Team Unity: (16 of 12 submissions) enphra, ravyn78, jewelsjo12, lisajedi, jiccho, kirsirae, silviamm73, galdriel, curlysue, zevenster, pupunen, loreoflore, pobby, melrudin, crochetbunnii, atalante all completed dragon-themed TUP in honor of the Desolation of Smaug!

Challenge Submissions (55)

GIVING GEEKS (year in review)

blazinkumquat donated to Kiva

absinthia donated to Ersta Diakoni

cranberrycrochet donated to Rosengrenska stiftelsen

crochetbunnii donated to a local assisted living facility

silviamm73 donated to the Livingston County Humane Society

kirsirae donated to Afghan Squares for Pine Ridge Reservation

pobby donated to Serious Request

zevenster donated to Serious Request

lisajedi donated to Wikipedia

DISCOVERY (discovery)


FLEXIBLE SCHEDULE (long and short)


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