Shady Update! T10R01 Post 3

Back again! Round 1 ends on Friday. Get those projects turned in!

Round 1 Challenges:  30 submissions

Shady Cels Round 1 Unity Project (6 of 14 submitted!): Tie your project to chocolate, candy, or other sweets, or photograph it with said sweets, in honour of Valentine’s Day. These teammates have completed TUP: lisajedi, zombearthur, leilalieva, jiccho, mstarzan, kirsirae!

Giving Geeks (personal choice): 5

lisajedi donated mameshiba to a friend who works at Pluta Cancer Center in Rochester, NY.

zevenster donated funds to The Reumafonds.

meggles donated blood to the Red Cross.

brittanyjackson donated funds to PSC Partners Seeking a Cure.

mstarzan donated funds to the Johannesburg branch of the Animal Anti-Cruelty League.

Discovery (real-life model): 6
Nerdology (unusual sport): 7
Encyclopedia (museum): 9
Flexible Schedule (anti-Valentine’s): 3
Craft Away!



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