Shady Update! T10R1

Shady Cels back again for Tournament 10! 35 fabulous teammates sharing our love of all things Shady! A special welcome goes out to our newest teammates: leilalieva, cloverbud, jinxsa,theknittingcat, angrycrochet, wowzer19.  Remember the team motto, “no worries!”

Dissertation submissions are being accepted until February 14!  These teammates have submitted proposals:

loreoflore is knitting a shawl.

melrudin is crocheting a Settlers of Catan afghan.

jewelsjoy12 is crocheting a sampler blanket.

silviamm73 is knitting a cardigan.

atalante is knitting two shawls.

jiccho is knitting a sweater.

galdriel is knitting a sweater.

ostaraknits is knitting a shawl.

kirsirae is knitting a cardigan.

mstarzan is knitting two cardigans.

brittanyjackson is knitting a log cabin blanket.

lisajedi is going to practice plying on a support spindle to spinning & 2-plying 50 grams each of 4 different fibres or blends on my support spindles.

zevenster is going to crochet 40 amigurumis.

The Round 1 Challenges:

Shady Cels Round 1 Unity Project (14 participants needed for points!): Tie your project to chocolate, candy, or other sweets, or photograph it with said sweets, in honour of Valentine’s Day. These teammates have completed TUP: crochetbunnii

Giving Geeks: we would like to see Nerd Warriors giving to causes that are near and dear to their hearts due to personal experiences, be those happy or sad experiences.

lisajedi donated mameshiba to a friend who works at Pluta Cancer Center in Rochester, NY.

Discovery: Your challenge this month is to craft something that resembles a real, non-extinct, living organism, be it plant, animal, fungus, or bacterium.


Nerdology: Your challenge is to craft an item inspired by an unusual sport. Something that mainstream athletes would not participate in.

No submissions as of 2/9/14

Encyclopedia: Your challenge this month is to craft something inspired by a trip to a museum.


Flexible Schedule (optional theme): For this month’s optional theme, we’re inviting you to submit an anti-valentine project. Craft something that is decidedly NOT pink hearts, flowers, and chocolate.

Challenges accepted, Nerd Wars.



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  1. LisaJedi says:

    Woot! Awesome start to T10 Shadies!!!

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