Nerd Wars was invented on some scraps of paper in a restaurant, and then honed on the back of a junk fax in a different restaurant at the bar.  This was December of 2010, when Elise was trying to distract herself from a troublesome stomach ulcer.

Each Tournament of Nerdery will consist of three rounds of battle, each round being one calendar month long.

Teams (each team unified by their geekery. For example, a person might be on the DC Comics, Dr. Who, or SCA team) “compete” by completing knitting/crochet/whatever projects that answer a set challenge (there will be a few challenges each round to choose from).

Each project you complete earns your team points. At the end of three rounds (each round being about a month long each), the team with the most points wins.

What do they win? Bragging rights, a sweet badge for their profile or a Ravatar.  And, prizes!

The tournament is hopefully going to be a way to motivate people to finish projects on a (ultimately arbitrary by real life standard, but totally helpful and fun here) deadline, and also meet other Ravelers with similar geeky interests and form friendships with folks.