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No Punctuation, but Millions of Swears

Greetings, fellow NerdWarsians! I, Admiral Beeca, have been tasked with bringing you the latest in Yahtzee goodness each week! If you haven’t heard of Yahtzee and his show, Zero Punctuation, be prepared for your mind to be blown. In essence, … Continue reading

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A Gamer in the Workplace

It’s Saturday and I’m stuck at work, so I figured I’d share my average day in the wonderful world of tech-support with you. Most IT departments are full of people just like me. If we have access to games, they … Continue reading

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Sticks, eh?

It has been brought to my attention that teams with sticks win. WE ARE FULL OF WIN! Ninquelen might indeed be pretty awesome (she does have a lot of these sticks), but I think we just might have her beat. … Continue reading

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We bring the “extra life” to the party.

Hey all, Moose of 1-up here to give a bit of a introduction to the BEST TEAM EVER! Honestly, we’re usually too busy playing video games to talk much. For instance, today I could’ve been productive, or I could’ve played … Continue reading

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