Where in the world are our competitors?

Click the Add button to add yourself to the map.
For Entry Name, put your Ravelry handle.
For location, enter your location, or click on the map.
You don’t need a description or a photo if you don’t want these things.
Use the drop down to pick your marker color (be sure to match your team marker color!*)
Click submit, and you’re on the map!

Team marker colors:
* 1-Up – yellow
* 4-Panel – teal
* Bazinga – red dust
* Bite Me – red
* Braaaaaains – mold
* Browncoats – brown
* Dangling Participles – sunflower
* Dumbledore’s Army Рspring
* Enterprise – grey
* Epics – purple
* Fraggle – brown
* Hellmouth – burgundy
* Impala – maize
* Lunatic Fringe – light blue
* Meeples – tree
* One More Page – lavender
* Pineapple – sunset
* Planet Express – cloud
* Precious – green
* Rangers – candle
* Rogue Squadron – black
* Shady Cels – light green
* Squints – fuscia
* Stargate Command – sky
* Tardis – light purple
* UU – orange
* Vipers – white
* Ninja Warriors and non-combatants – blue


13 Responses to Map

  1. Kristin DeLuca says:

    AnathemaDevic screwed up and did not match her team color and instead just selected the one most appealing to her.

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  3. Arachnera says:

    I have *three* Trekk(er/ie)s near me!

    (‘Tis okay. I’m one too. It’s just that I was walking around Ankh-Morpork on the MUD before I ever got into TOS)

  4. KoKo Cat says:

    What a great idea – and I managed to make it work as well………… :D

    Interesting to see where we all are – only 3 in the UK though? Do we need to publicise this a bit?

  5. KoKo Cat says:

    By te way – I hate my gruimpy green-faced icon :(

  6. Laura Lough says:

    This must be the old map because the new teams aren’t listed. I just added myself (Painty, Nicholasville KY). I’m team Stargate Command and my marker is sky blue

  7. eyeamelise says:

    Updates with T2 teams!!

  8. Setavulos says:

    For some reason I can’t change my marker…. it should be a sunflower, not grey. I’m not really sure what to do to fix that.

  9. ladyofrohan says:

    I can’t find the add button . . .

    *is sad*

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